Sunday, March 18, 2012

Rockabilly CD 106

Rockabilly CD  106

Rockabilly CD  106

HASH: 3989648e87a97f1ebc6383944735deda82c76864

*Rockabilly CD

+01---Eddy & The Backfires---Pink & Black (1m 59s).mp3

+02---Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers---Rollin' Through The Night (demo) (2m 05s).mp3

+03---Delta Bombers---The Way You Love Me (1m 49s).mp3

+04---Eddy & The Backfires---Flip Flop & Fly (2m 24s).mp3

+05---Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers---Takin' Care Of My Home (demo) (2m 03s).mp3

+06---Jack Scott---I Never Felt Like This (1m 52s).mp3

+07---Eddy & The Backfires---Rock Baby Rock (3m 07s).mp3

+08---Muskrats---Do What I Do (2m 02s).mp3

+09---Niteshift Trio---Taken By Force (3m 17s).mp3

+10---Planet Rockers---Spin My Wheels (2m 50s).mp3

+11---Delta Bombers---Tin Can Boogie (2m 22s).mp3

+12---Earl & The Overtones---Dreamin' Love Affair (2m 11s).mp3

+13---Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers---The Rockin' Alcoholic (demo) (2m 40s).mp3

+14---Delta Bombers---She's Fine (1m 57s).mp3

+15---Eddy & The Backfires---Dear John (2m 05s).mp3

+16---Eddy & The Backfires---Mobilin' Baby Of Mine (2m 11s).mp3

+17---Wild Goners---Itchy Bitcht Baby (1m 32s).mp3

+18---Johnny Bond---Wild Cat Baby (1m 56s).mp3

+19---Eddy & The Backfires---Rocking An A Rollin' (2m 11s).mp3

+20---Planet Rockers---Yes I Do (2m 28s).mp3

+21---Eddy & The Backfires---Mexican Love (2m 46s).mp3

+22---Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers---She Stood Me Up (demo) (2m 42s).mp3

+23---Muskrats---Bottle Of Brew (1m 34s).mp3

+24---Eddy & The Backfires---Starlight (2m 08s).mp3

+25---Lew Williams---Centipede (2m 05s).mp3

+26---Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers---Don't Mess With My Day Off (demo) (2m 25s).mp3

+27---Eddy & The Backfires---Say When! (2m 30s).mp3

+28---Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers---Jeezy Peezy (demo) (2m 22s).mp3

+29---Jack Scott---Goodbye Baby (2m 08s).mp3

+30---Eddy & The Backfires---Ghost Surf (2m 43s).mp3

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